WriteIt is one of the components of Poplus.org and allows anyone to create their own site to send public messages to their politicians.


We discovered that many civil society organizations, inspired by sites like WriteToThem or NapišteJim.cz, were building their own version of a platform to send public messages to their representatives and politicians. They were spending money in developing the software rather than doing advocacy, and for that purpose mySociety and Ciudadano Inteligente created WriteIt.

My Role

Initially, my role in the project was as a Software Developer, lately and due to my participation in the Poplus community, I formed part of the integration of WriteIt with other Poplus components such as Cuttlefish.


Has been used on several occasions by different grassroots organizations in different contexts, some of them are:

  • Nouabook a Moroccan site that aims to help citizens communicate with their de MPs.
  • Planning Alerts an Australian site that alerts citizens whenever there is a new planning application. The particular role that WriteInPublic plays in the platform is that it allows citizens to speak publicly to the authority of the application.

It has also been used by other platforms from Ciudadano Inteligente such as CongresoAbierto.cl.