Poplus is an open federation of civic tech activists and organizations that share experiences and code to make their work more impactful.

Photo by Martin Wright.


Over the world, many organizations are building tools to help citizens help themselves, and create better communities, but in the process, we create tools, that have in a way been deployed in a different context. So the first compelling idea is that we need to stop reinventing the wheel and rather focus on reusing tools that have already been created by others.

My role

I played two roles in Poplus, for one was as an advocate, promoting the use of previously created tools and creating networks among different civic tech actors, in Chile and Latin America. I also participated in the committee that evaluated the technical aspects of new components.

And as a developer, I started working on tools such as WriteInPublic and Nouabook.ma. It also gave me a wider vision on how the projects at Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente could use some previously created tools such as BarriosEnAcción. And how could our projects be used by others, for example, YoQuieroSaber was a reimplementation of VotaInteligente.


Photo by Khairil Zhafri.

One of the biggest achievements of Poplus is that it created a network of people and organizations that share similar goals and that share experiences. Thus, I visited several Poplus Organizations such as Sinar Project in Malaysia and attended twice to the g0v summit in Taiwan.