In the neighborhood of Barrio Yungay located in the center of Santiago, there are many artistic expressions, but contemporary circus was relegated only to private spaces. Among performers and practitioners, there was the need to take it to the streets.

That is how, in November of the year 2015, with a group of friends formed a collective around street art and circus, our main purpose is to promote street performances as a form of regaining the street and public spaces for the neighbors and the local organizations.

My role

My role in the CircoRoto has been as founder, advocate, public relations, and also organizer of events. In those activities some of the challenges that I have faced have been to coordinate courses, shows, installation of infrastructure, and relations with local authorities.

We have been able to replicate this event with minor differences in several occasions.

My learnings

my friends

Some of the things that I learned in this street performances are that people in the street art world do whatever is in their hands to get people started and improving. That is something I have partly brought to my other civic-tech projects, turning me into a teacher of code so that every activist I know to become a coder, in that way their causes can have a greater impact, as well as they can get new ideas of how to have a greater impact.


One of my most important learnings in aerial acrobatics (my main discipline), was when I lost my fear of heights I also lost my fear of making mistakes, which ultimately pushed me to do things further away from a computer. In particular of my participation in CircoRoto I have learned the value of the coordination in teams with no hierarchy, and also some of the difficulties, such as dealing with less motivated people and dealing with my own expectations.