For the Guatemalan general election of 2015 Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente allied with a RedCiudadana to create a platform that would promote informed vote as a way to change Guatemalan society.

The interesting part happened a couple of months before the election because La Linea corruption case exploded putting a lot of people that hadn’t been protesting before to the Constitution Square to demonstrate against corruption.

When the protests exploded RedCiudadana was almost at the center of it, the platform itself was merely an excuse for the media to look for their opinion. And my role as an operator of the platform was basically understanding the context by talking to RedCiudadana and help them with changes to help them stay relevant.

My Role

Initially, I worked as a Software Developer but as the events evolved I also acted as a catalyst between the team of Ciudadano Inteligente and Red Ciudadana providing support in media management and advocacy strategy.

Due to the ongoing events, we adapted the platform to the different scenarios that Red Ciudadana was facing, constantly updating data.