BarriosEnAcción (NeighborhoodsInAction) is a reimplementation of the MySociety platform FixMyStreet. It was a cooperation between Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente and CiudadViva a local NGO related to urban issues.

It coordinated the issues raised by the citizens of the communes of Providencia and Santiago in Chile. For that, we extended parts of the original platform to integrate with the systems from the administration of the two municipalities.

It also features an Android app as well as an iPhone app, both of them were a fork of the original FixMyStreet platform that was originally developed by MySociety.

My role

For this project, I adapted FixMyStreet with a different look. Also extended it to create adaptors for the platform of the Chilean Municipal citizen’s reports management systems.

Generated partnerships with two Chilean Municipalities, specifically with their Departments of Computing, on behalf of Ciudad Viva, the lead organization behind BarriosenAccion.

Screenshot of the Android app


BarriosEnAccion won the first place in the QueVeo awards, an NGO that promotes quality content in TV, Radio and the Internet, in the category of “Community Contribution Website”.

Scanned local newspaper.