Photo by Martín Covera

Hello there!

My name is Felipe Álvarez (my full name starts with Luis but I prefer Felipe for short), I am a civic-tech activist, I work at the Chilean NGO Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente as a Software Developer, but I do quite a few things, and my duties range from coding to cleaning, to networking, to strategic planning and I also do a bit (very little) of design. I’m also an aerial silks performer and street performances organizer. I’m based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Santiago, Chile.

I’m very passionate about writing code (and automated tests), I also love reading code so I try to write my own as clear as possible. My preferred languages go from Javascript and NodeJs to Python, Ruby, and any dynamic languages.

And when it comes to aerial acrobatics my two favorite disciplines are silks and corde lisse.

I also love cycling around the city, for that I have two bikes, both of assembled by myself.

For creating this portfolio, I used a jekyll theme called Webjeda-cards you can read more at Webjeda Blog. And you can find the code for this portfolio at my GitHub.



Thanks to:

Anca, Cata and Paz I wouldn’t have done this without your help =).